Photography holidays:

Memorable Tours Designed Around Photography

Great photos instead of snaps!

Don’t you wish you could capture great photos when traveling rather than just take snapshots? There’s no better time to acquire brilliant photography skills then during vacations! Nearly everyone will be impressed by the fascinating photos sent from a holiday trip. And wouldn’t it feel great to receive an honest ‘wow’ from friends for your Instagram or Facebook feed? Our selection of artistravel international photo holidays and tours knows to perfectly combine your passion for traveling with a professional photo course. In small groups of like-minded people, you will discover your favourite destinations and expand your individual photo skills at the same time!

During your photo holiday you will be guided to a village or country’s most beautiful sights without long hours of research – as that’s all been done by your tutor / photo guide.

Get to know your camera

You will try new tricks, explore your camera in depth and learn to see sights and other motives from a different angle! Instead of just pressing the shutter as often and fast as you possibly can you will start seeing through the lens and capturing the most amazing pictures. You will learn the rules of composition and all the basics of professional photography. If you’re not familiar with your camera yet, our professional photo guide will help you. Once or twice a day, everyone is invited to show their photos and ask for feedback. Thus your photographic eye will be trained and you will gain additional ideas on how to improve.

See the most inspiring places and have enough time to wait for the perfect moment

Photo holidays aren’t just about improving your images - technically and creatively. They’re also about travelling to the most inspiring settings, at the best time of day. Once you’ve arrived at the location you’ll have plenty of time to analyse light and shadow and notice the tiniest details: footprints in the sand, cracked paint, a group of fancy looking locals. A photo tour always pushes you to engage with your surroundings and simultaneously helps you learn a lot about the local culture. No other holiday trip can do that. Quite the opposite: most of the time photographers feel in the ‘way’ of fellow travellers, slowing them down, stopping all too often.

And you don’t have to travel far to find interesting subjects! Mirror-like lakes, snow-capped peaks, empty beaches and picturesque little villages are often just a few hours away. Yes, the weather might not be perfect and it might even rain, but dramatic plays of light usually follow.

But wherever your photo trip takes you, without the usual ‘sightseeing schedule’ there’s time to hang in, dally and wait as long as necessary for the perfect moment! Enough time to notice small yet-significant events. You will most definitely experience every place more deeply!

Here’s our artistravel international selection of the most exciting photographic tours, trips and adventures to help upgrade your holiday photos from commonplace to outstanding.

Upcoming Tours

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Fri, 13.09. - Wed, 18.09.24
Photographic retreat to the south of France
Available Photographic retreat to the south of France
Jon Davison Cordes-sur-Ciel 2 975 EUR
Wed, 30.10. - Sun, 03.11.24
Assynt and Torridon Photography Tour
Available Assynt and Torridon Photography Tour
Colin Prior Northwest Highlands 2 400 GBP