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Our selection of international art breaks and creative holidays

Artistravel, a market leader in German-speaking creative holiday workshops, is expanding internationally. Despite our rapid growth, we remain a small, passionate family business that treats tutors as family and guests as friends. more

From offering a few dozen courses in 2010 to over 600 classes across Europe in 2022, our curiosity and passion have led us to explore English-speaking creative holiday courses and tours in Europe.

Discover our handpicked collection of the top 100 English-speaking tutors and their best classes, trips, and holidays in Europe's most beautiful locations with artistravel international!

If you have further suggestions or recommendations on amazing tutors, wonderful destinations or great workshops that we need to add to our artistravel international shortlist, you are warmly invited to hare your experience with us!

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We will be happy about every comment and may add your personal favourites to our shortlist, too!

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